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2019/2020 ​​​​Chapter 3 - Scholarship Winners

Each received at least $1,500 Scholarship for a total of $30,000!

Chapter 3 2019 Golf Outing Sponsors


those in need

​​Chapter 3 2019 Golf Outing

Over 240 Golfers - 2 courses!

NADCA Chapter 3


​​​Covid-19 Update

​Directory is published, you will see it your mail soon, it is also available here on the link above.

Golf Outing is now live, better get in early!

WMU Short Course has been cancelled fotr 2020.

Please come back for more updates.

Chapter Directory

- The purpose and objectives of the Chapter shall be as follows:

  • ​​To  advance  the  science  of  die  casting  and  the  utilization  of die  casting through education and research.

  • To  advance  the  knowledge  and  application  of  the  science  of die  casting,  and to institute and participate in projects for the attainment of that result.
  • To support and stimulate the study and development of the theory and practice of die casting  and  related  sciences  including engineering,  metallurgy,  physics, chemistry, and mechanics.
  • To  accumulate  and  disseminate  authoritative  scientific information  relating  to the development  of  die casting, including the process, design,  application,  testing and finishing as may be available through research, field experience, and special study.
  • To provide, evaluate,  and exchange information related to safety in the die casting industry, including its industrial hygiene, physical, and mechanical aspects.
  • Educate, train, and recruit young people into the discipline of die-casting.

- The  Chapter  can  manifest  these  objectives  through  the   presentation  of speakers on subjects  of  interest  to the membership,  social  events where  technical persons may  be drawn together, acting as a conduit for scholarship awards, the presentation of technical seminars and other activities that may enhance the objectives of the North American Die Casting Association.